Prince of Persia, Digger, Lemmings, even Christmas Lemmings!

If these names mean something to you, you should have a look at I suppose if there is a time when one should take the opportunity to use the web purely for fun, Christmas is that time. Its just a shame I didn’t find this until 3rd January! I had no idea these games (that I originally played on an Amiga 500) were available to download in “DOS” format for the PC. What’s more they’re free and some of them are even legal! :-)

I learned a new phrase – “AbandonWare” – software that is out of date, not sold and (obviously) not supported any more. The software companies who wrote these classics have rung as much out of them as they possibly can and now they seem to be happy for them to be given away.

If you haven’t seen the original “Prince of Persia” you should give it a try. The puzzles are just as demanding, and the animation just a ‘ground breaking’ as it was 10 years ago when it was released. OK, so it looks dated now, but if it’s a challenge and hours of pure gameplay you’re after, check them out. Look for the top downloads section and revisit the top 100! Me? I’m off to try out ‘Christmas Lemmings’!


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