Two Recent Jobs

I’ve just finished a couple of very diffferent jobs, both Websites, and very different in style, design and content.

As I’m working as a contractor now, I thought I’d post a couple of links here for two reasons. Firstly, anyone looking for a website can see how brilliant I am and employ me! :-) Secondly, I have on average ten or twelve Search Engines and Web Spiders visiting this site every week, so hopefully they will pick up the links and start visiting these clients also. So if you want to see what I’ve been up to recently, have a look at: and

The clients for ‘The Central’ Website want to maintain the site content themselves, so after discussions about style, look and feel, I supplied them with the basic design, the top graphics (including the nice fading rollovers), the Webform and a basic 12 page site structure. I also created some suitable text styles and set them up with ‘FrontPage’ all organised to publish (ftp) directly to the server. Finally, I sorted out their Email to come and go via their own domain name through Outlook (the client had only ever used web-based email previously). The content is theirs entirely, a neat turnkey solution for them. If you’d like the same service (at a very reasonable price of course!) just let me know by filling in the form you’ll find here and we’ll have a chat about it.


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