I’d Like This For Christmas, Please, Santa!

This is to all my friends and relations out there (and Santa Claus) all of whom have been waiting anxiously to hear what I would like for Christmas. (Yeah right!) Anyway, I have now decided.

I would like a Pinzgauer please. A what? A Pinzgauer! No, I’d never heard of them either until I came across them entirely by accident. I have now fallen in love, however. As far as I can gather, somewhere around £28,000 – £30,000 will buy a decent second hand one. That will do fine thank you.

So what is a Pinzgauer? Click Here for the movie (500k and worth it) or Click Here for the Website! The exact model I’d like is This One except I’d like mine in metallic white, please. Now you have to admit, that would be smart! I discovered they’re manufactured in Guildford – about 50 miles from here. Now isn’t that a well-kept secret!

Thank you in advance, Santa. :-)


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