The Ghosts of Christmases Past

In December last year, I received an email from Matthieu telling one of the most horrendous Christmas sagas ever. If you haven’t seen it, please do read it here.

Today, comes some feedback from this site from someone who only identifies himself as “Geo”. Geo writes:

Looking back through your archives and Christmas pasts I could sympathise with the car disasters and the way everything seems to go wrong sometimes. It got to remind me of a Christmas many moons ago in the not so swinging sixties I had my first car (a Ford Prefect) first job(a Farmhand)and a rare opportunity (a Saturday off) for me and my chum to do some festive shopping My mate turned out to be a very keen shopper with lots of siblings to cater for so he soon became laden down with bags of goodies so while I continued shopping he went off back to the car and filled up the boot. Later when we returned to the car with more stuff we had a bad shock , the boot was empty, everything was gone.

My friend was devastated. These were hard times, minimum wage was under five pounds for a 48 hour week and he’d spent over twice that amount. As for the car, it was unscathed unlike today’s smash and grab tactics this job was neat. As we found the boot and the car to be relocked, it seemed thieves in those days were all gentlemen.

It may have been futile, but at that time, everything was reported to the law, so we drove round to the local police station and told our story. To our amazement, after confirming what we’d lost, the ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ (Old UK Police TV series character) reached down below his counter and produced all the missing gifts. All our reservations about mutts in helmets were dismissed as we tried to imagine what marvellous policing had produced this result.

Superplod continued questioning us about the car, was it a Ford Prefect? Was it grey? Was it locked? Why all the Questions? Well, he explained, sometime earlier a bemused man laden with shopping had unlocked the boot of his car and found it to be magically filled with Christmas shopping, and of course, as he was another proud owner of a grey Ford Prefect he did the honest thing and handed himself in! So there you go Steve, a Christmas car grief story to warm the heart with an unusual happy ending.”

Thanks Geo! What a great Christmas Story. You didn’t leave me your email address, so I can’t thank you by email. Hopefully you’ll return sometime and see your tale here. When Matthieu gets around to reading this, I hope it gives him a smile; and whilst on the subject, here’s to a better Christmas this year, Matt!


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