The “Making of the Honda Cog” Movie

A very good friend of mine who owns/runs a great Web development company has offered to host the “Making of the Honda Cog” movie – all 109Mb of it! You’ll need Broadband or a lot of patience, but I am hoping to have it available for download and viewing before long. Watch this space.

Rod Jobb contacted me through my feedback form, also offering to host the movie. Rod, you didn’t leave me your email address, so I can’t reply directly, hopefully you’ll see this. I really appreciate the offer, and if for any reason plan A falls through, I’ll be in touch!

As an aside, due to the huge interest shown in this and the thousands of people who have visited this website (and the previous huge number who asked about the music from the T-Mobile commercial) I’m setting up and! You people are the very first to know! I’ll be emailing everyone who’s contacted me again, just as soon as the “Making Of the Honda Cog Commercial” movie is available.


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