Dr Who Restoration Team

The Doctor Who Restoration Team Website can be found here. So why do I tell you this? Because for all you Dr. Who fans out there, there’s some news from Colin G that might interest you. He says, “On their web site there was mention of a request for any tapes of Dudley Simpson who wrote and recorded most of the music for Dr. Who. I have such a tape from the BBC Maida Vale Studios. It was a re-used tape they recorded over with some material I need for the 1975 / 1976 Christmas Lectures.” (These are the annual Royal Institute programmes – Steve) “There is some 20 minutes of studio recording of him for a Dr Who episode called “Spiders” and in fact this is music for Episode 2. I am already told by them that this was the last series with Jon Pertwee! I’ve made a Minidisc copy and will give them the original for their archives collection. By the way, they also tell me that the video I shot for BBC Enterprises at Longleate House in 1983 still exists today and would have gone onto the DVD of the Five Doctors….but they didn’t have the money to make it a DVD9 (double density disc) :-( Nearly fame at last…”

(Colin attended a Dr. Who convention to shoot video of all the living Doctor Who’s together in 1983). Never Mind Colin, your day of fame will come!


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