The Making of The Cog Movie

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   PageThis morning, a package arrived from Jelle in Scotland. A CD containing the 45Mb QuickTime version of the Honda Cog commercial and the 109Mb “making of” movie. I wish I could share this with you people out there, but I don’t have a spare 109Mb of webspace! I’ll look into ways of reducing the file size to see if this is possible.

In the meantime, I can report the “Making of” movie is fairly short but very interesting. It shows several other interactions between parts that were not used in the final version and also of course, quite a few out-takes of things that did not work. In the opening shot for example, where the first small cog hits the larger one, there are views of it rolling right past or just hitting the second one without the latter moving, so things did not always work right from the start! There are several shots at the end of the Champagne flowing when it finally came together. I am very grateful to Jelle for this and as I say, I’ll see if it can be reduced in frame rate or definition enough to post here. If not, I’ll see if I can extract a few stills from it to show you.


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