Message from Matt

 Go to my
   PageMore about that Honda Cog commercial: Matt sent me an email with the following information. He says, “I did find a Quicktime version that is a little better than the 2.9 MB version.
This one is 4.8 Mb and is 320 pixels wide.”
Matt found it at He adds, “I’d love to find one TWICE that size as a native file. Like I said… It’s probably out there somewhere. I also have read that there is a free DVD of it available in the U.K. I’d like to see a whole DVD, actually, including ‘The Making Of’.” Now I’d agree with that!

In the meantime, all you people who have been looking for a better .mov or .avi file of the Honda Cog Commercial, it does work and the definition seems to be the same as the shockwave one I was suggesting you use. Go and get it folks. I suggest you RIGHT-Click This Link and use “Save Target as…” to save it to your local hard drive.


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