Message from Jelle

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   PageAnother email has flooded in from Jelle in Scotland. I quote: “In the UK the free DVD was included in the advertising supplement of the British national newspaper The Guardian on Sunday 11 May. The DVD has got the cog movie on it in two variations (two different models of the Accord) it also features the “making of” documentary, and a diagramatic explanation of all the parts, and a short video clip of the seventies band whose music you hear at the end of the ad.

The DVD also has a data (DVD-ROM) part on which there is an interactive HTML version of the DVD interface. the movies themselves are on it as Quicktime (Sorenson 3 codec) movs. 500*375 pixels. The ad movie is 45Mb the making of is 109Mb. The quality is superb.”

Thanks for the information Jelle. I completely missed that. I wish I’d known about it on the 11th! If anyone from Honda or the Guardian reads this, I currently have the email addresses of 102 people who’d love to have a disk!


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