Quick Update

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   PageHi Folks. My apologies for being a little slow in replying to emails recently, but I’ve been without a PC from Friday until Tuesday evening. All is back to normal now however.

Here’s just a quick update for today: Honda UK now have a site that lets you download a copy of The Cog at: www.honda.co.uk/multimedia/videos.html. I tried it last night, and the video is delivered as a zip file of over 3mb. When unzipped, it reveals the file is Mpeg. However, it is only a VERY small window sized video. Some of the action is so detailed as to be almost indistinguishable in this version. Come on Honda, put a decent sized video on there as an AVI, or ASF file so we can see and keep it properly. For the moment, anyway, the definition in the one I’m suggesting is far better.

I’ve had all sorts of great comments from all sorts of people. I must mention one from Jon, a teacher, who has already used it in a physics lesson – great! Let’s see if I can remember any physics – Kinetic energy, Potential energy, Ballistics – yep, I can see how that would work superbly! Physics teachers take note!

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about my new digital camera.


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