Here are a couple of updates on the two topics uppermost on this site at the moment.

Firstly: I’ve had loads (i.e. an unspecified number because it changes by the hour) of people asking about how to get that Honda Cog ad’. (See the “Naughty But Nice” post below.) Several people have now written back and said it all worked fine for them. Thanks for the feedback, folks!

Next: www.We Love The Iraqi Information Minister.com reports that “clips of the best media statements from Iraqi Information Minister, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf (M.S.S.) have now become fodder for the latest dance track sensation in the UK. In a nod to MSS’s restrained and subtle style, record producer Les Molloy quips, “We’re sure it will go down a storm in the clubs.” Right. And there are STILL no Americans in Baghdad. Never!” I have to hear that!

Finally: the new site statistics for this site are being downloaded, analysed and collated right now. I’ll get them into the side bar in a while but the headline stat is: Last week: 1,817 Unique visitors, 1,560 came once, 257 more then once. Thanks for visiting and just to help out, here’s that banner again . . .


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