Disk Overusage!

I had an email from my Web Host saying I had exceeded my allotted 50mb disk space for this site. There’s just so many good things for you people on here now! Reluctantly, I removed the Aibo video ** – it was about 8mb – so if you want it, drop me an email and I’ll put in on another server somewhere for the time being. The reason the disk space just tipped ‘over the top’ was the size of the log file! This many visitors brings with it, it’s own problems I have discovered.

I have also removed the Blog Hot or Not rating from the site because it’s been very slow to load recently (if at all) and it was holding up the whole site, which should be really quick now. I tried the main website and it was giving 404 errors, so maybe that particular service has stopped. “Hot or Not” seems to be going strong though. Whilst at it, I also very reluctantly removed the comments facility from beneath each Blog entry. It was a recent addition, but because of my “Antidote to Pictures of People Fighting” picture series to do with the Iraq war, (see the last Archive page) I had a couple of four-letter comments in there. I am not prepared to have them there for even a short time (until I am notified of a new entry and delete it) so sorry, but a couple of stupid people sounding off about George Bush have removed that facility from all you good people who wouldn’t do such things. If you do have comments, please do email me and I’ll cheerfully post them in the main Blog for all to see!

(Added December 2003) I notice people are still coming here in large numbers looking for the Aibo Video, so I’ve uploaded it to another site I own. The link above now works again. Enjoy it!


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