‘Comic Ali’ – At His Aunt’s House?

Visit the Site29 April – ABC News Australia reports that Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf (M.S.S.) has been at his aunt’s house in Baghdad for the past four days, and has asked US troops to arrest him so he can be “protected”. Adel Murad, of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, says US troops have refused because he is not on their “most wanted” deck of playing cards. Al-Arabiya satellite channel has allegedly offered M.S.S. a new job as a commentator and analyst. “We want to benefit from the experience of Mr Sahaf and his analysis of the current situation and the future of Iraq,” said the station, without giving details of the job package. This is copied from www.We Love The Iraqi Information Minister.com this morning. Incidentally, there’s a rumour that the Irish airline Ryanair is to release a new ad starring M.S.S., angering rival airline Easyjet. Allegedly, an Easyjet spokeman called the ad “insensitive”!

New: See this BBC News Item!


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