Anarchy Online

Anarchy OnlineNot maybe what the headline sounds like. Anarchy Online is an web-based role playing game. Joey Manley’s Web Show Guide rates it highly. Not because of the game however, but for the very well done 3D-rendered movie series produced by game developer Funcom to promote this online multiplayer role-playing game. There are four (quite long by web show standards) episodes so far, and each episode consists of from three to five separate downloadable movies. I haven’t been tempted to join in the game yet, that is not really my thing, but I have enjoyed watching the movies. You don’t have to be an Anarchy Online player, or a gamer at all, to watch. But if like me, you’ve got the scifi/fantasy bug, you should maybe give them a try. The movies are sent by FTP so you’ll need an FTP client set up. Broadband would help.


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