Blowing Own Trumpet Today

Sorry about this, but I’m just going to have to mention that this site had over eleven hundred visitors last week. That’s a record. I know I have a certain number of regular readers, but it’s amazing what the odd combination of the new Honda TV commercial and the Iraqi Information Minister can do to one’s ratings!

I never put things on this site with a view to deliberately increasing the hits. Rather, the number of visits shows that some people at least, are interested in the same things as me. Hopefully, all those people who came here from a search engine, will have found a pointer to what interested them. The only one who won’t have, is whomever arrived looking for information on the Spiders to be found in Kuwait. I can understand why that search ended up here, because I have mentioned Kuwait (in the Antodites to Pictures of People Fighting) and “spiders” in the visiting Web Spider list. My apologies to you, anyway. Now, if I could only think of a way to make money from this . . . I know, here’s a banner for a company I work with . . .


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