Go to the ad' Regular readers will know I talk about advertising and marketing from time to time. This is one of those times. Have you seen the new Honda Accord TV ad’ yet? In my humble opinion, (being in Marketing and having had a passing connection with TV in the past) this rates as one of the great TV commercials of all time. I’m talking about ranking alongside the 1984 Apple Superbowl commercial!

I caught the second half of it last night, but saw this commercial in full for the first time this evening. I made a few enquiries, because I was certain some of it must have been computer generated but apparently, not. I am told it took 606 takes to get this to work! All this is hearsay at the moment, but I shall certainly investigate and bring you more of the story. I’m impressed because it’s a brilliant concept that makes it’s point with the ‘indispensible’ single 2 minute shot and the voice-over at the end superbly. The shoot is flawlessly executed, and if it really did consume all those takes (which I can believe) imagine it working on the 606th time and the cameraman saying “sorry the focus pull went wrong” or “the track was late here”, etc. Imagine the concentration needed to do this over and over 606 times? Hats off to you guys. I can’t believe screenings are being limited to the UK. Honda would be mad no to go global with this. So watch out for it.

In the meantime, you can watch it right now on the Honda Website, HERE. I had a look at the source code for the page (sorry Honda – but it’s a compliment) and the actual Flash .swf file that runs the movie appears to be HERE. Try that link as well. If the second link does not run first time, try it after you’ve downloaded the whole page – with luck, the movie will run full-screen. Give it a go anyway, and let me know it if works for you. This will take a while to download on a 56k line, but it’s worth it I reckon. Go and make a coffee, or dinner, or something, and come back later. I deliberately haven’t described what happens in the ad’, because if you haven’t seen it, you need to see it unaware of what happens.

OK. Rave over. Does something give you the impression I am very impressed? If this ad’ does not pick up every award going, then, as one of my favourite authors once put it, “TANJ!” (There Ain’t No Justice.)


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