Has anybody spotted a UK site like this?

On a website this morning, I saw a banner containing details of Great USA Flags.com. I don’t often click on banners, in fact I’d say never. But today I made an exception. For want of a better word, this US site sells “Patriotism”. For example, they have a “Patriot Pack”, that for $59.95 contains the following:

  • Extra Large 4’x6′ Polyster American Flag
  • Hand Held Extra Large All-Weather USA Flag
  • USA Car/Truck Window Flag
  • USA Flag Extra Large Vinyl Decal (12″ x18″)
  • 2 American Flag Window Clings
  • USA Flag Brass Key Tag
  • USA Flag Mug
  • Remembrance & Support Pin
  • USA Flag Antenna Ball

We’ve all seen the flags on American homes and cars, and the lapel badges and pins in the news reports and I guess this is one of the places they come from. On an impluse, I had a quick look to see if there was a UK equivalent. I found quite a few flag manufacturers, but none were promoting anything like a “Patriot Pack”. Do we not care as much in the UK? Or did I not find it? Or is this simply an opportunity nobody in the UK has latched onto yet? Does anyone out there know of a similar UK site? If you have I’d like to know what the address is – not because I necessarily want to buy a UK “Patriot Pack”, but because I’d like to think I could if I wanted to!


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