The Acceptable Face of the UK Being in Iraq

I doubt you’ll see thus in the newspapers on on TV (I haven’t) partly for the reasons below, and also because it’s not about people fighting. I happened across this, this morning, whilst looking for eGovernment information for work.

The Ministry of Defence say that a 6-month old Iraqi baby, Mareyam Ailan, suffering from burns sustained in a domestic house fire, has been flown to the UK to receive hospital treatment. Her injuries, which are unrelated to the conflict, required urgent life saving treatment which could not be provided locally. A flight was leaving to bring casualties back to the UK, and a decision was made to include Mareyam on the flight.

Mareyam and her parents were flown to Cyprus by the RAF and onto the UK arriving in Liverpool this morning. She was transferred to Alder Hey, Liverpool’s children’s hospital, where she will receive specialist medical care. No further details will be released at this time and the family will not be giving interviews.

Well, there at least is one good thing to come from the UK being in Iraq. Let’s hope Mareyam recovers well.

I hadn’t seen this MOD site before and it’s quite interesting. You can find it here.

Check out the hi-res photographs, some of them are strangely beautiful, like this one of a British Chinook helicopter ferrying supplies ashore. Just click through the Photos menus. There are small, screen size and print-definition versions of each picture.

Incidentally, it’s now seven days since we’ve heard from Raed!


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