Back to the Sony SDR-4X

I’ve mentioned Sony’s new prototype SDR-4X humanoid walking robot before on these pages. News comes today, that version II has now had its sensors and software upgraded to make it less likely to topple over, a common problem with bipedal robots. Simulating human movement has been one of the biggest hurdles for robot makers. Unlike their human counterparts, bipedal machines find it extremely difficult to get back on their feet after a fall. But now apparently, when it senses that it’s about to fall, the SDR-4X II will attempt to correct itself. Failing that, it will attempt to curl up so as to protect its more delicate components from damage! I look forward to seeing the real thing, but, at a price Sony state will equate roughly to “that of a luxury car”, it may be a while before I buy one! The whole story is here if you wish to read it.


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