Meanwhile . . .

. . . last night in Tesco in Poole, shoppers wandered around the full shelves as usual, and the little boy found the best toy was the shelf-filler’s stool on wheels; much to the amusement of his Dad, who just stood and watched, and let him play for a while . . . It just seemed a little unreal to me.

Since Lunchtime Today, has lost the entire last month’s postings. The latest post on the site is currently 19th February, but hitting the February Archive page brings back posts up to 28th February. Furthermore, one of the servers Raed’s pictures were hosted on has disappeared, and the pictures themselves have disappeared from the other. (Hence the pic I linked to below has vanished – I’ll leave it linked as below so we know if and when it returns). It’s difficult to know why the last posts have disappeared, because the host is which is not only alive and well and living in the USA, but is now also part of the Google stable. Is this an Iraqi action or an American one? Maybe someone can tell me what’s wrong with reading an unbiased, non-political diary of what it feels like to be a citizen in Bagdhad right now. Keep trying the link folks, hopefully it will return soon.


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