Where is Raed?

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Where is Raed? By the time you read this, and almost certainly in less than 24 hours from now, the USA and UK will be at war with Iraq. With all the incredible methods of Electronic News Gathering in use today, we’ll be seeing pictures of the whole thing in our living rooms, 24 hours a day, if we so wish.

The one thing we won’t be seeing or hearing much of however, is how it feels to the man or woman in the Iraqi street. Here is a link that has started doing the rounds recently. It’s a Blog, written in Baghdad, in English, by someone who’s staying put and going to be living through it. The writing style is pretty factual. Part of today’s post reads, “It is even too late for last minute things to buy, there are too few shops open. We went again for a drive thru Baghdad’s main streets. Too depressing. I have never seen Baghdad like this.” The picture on the left is one he snapped off his own TV showing the demonstrations in Iraqi streets today, on Iraqi TV. I’ve never talked about political matters here, neither do I intend to as there are many better places to find far more informed views than mine. I will however be reading this Blog as the next few days and weeks progress. You may like to as well. Click the picture or Here.


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