Archive Bookmarks Achieved!

All previous attempts to implement “bookmarks” in the Blog Archives (so as to create permament links to individual posts) have completely failed! last night however, I grasped the nettle once more. I don’t consider myself to be an unintelligent individual, and if thousands of pople can understand this, so can I! With this thought in mind I tackled the help pages on Blogger yet again and read it all slightly more carefully than maybe I have previously.

Result? A little extra item at the botom of each post saying [Link to this post]. What’s more, it works! So, now, if you happen to want to refer someone to a pearl of wisdom (?) buried here, just click on the link and copy the URL that appears in the address bar (or right-click and choose Copy Shortcut). The benefit is, this link wil remain permament and will not wither away as each post slides off the bottom of the page and into oblivion!

It also lets me provide links to some of my favourite posts from the last year and a bit, so there’s a new frame on the right – Favourite Posts. Click a few and see what you think!


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