Snow Across the USA

Isn’t this a great picture? A lone pedestrian walks along Barnett Street in Vincennes, Ind. as snow falls. (Photo: AP) For me, it’s partly the colouring, those dismal, cold browns leading into the bright electric blues ahead and partly the fact the pedestrian is walking in the centre of the road. Clearly he expects no traffic – you can almost hear the silence.

The weather has been so bad in the US of late, we’ve even heard about it here in the UK! The picture comes from CBS News and is my personal favourite from their current Photo Essay of the weather and the effects it’s having over there. With windblown snow up to 4 feet deep halting air and rail travel and causing at least a dozen deaths, the snow was part of a huge system that had charged in from the Plains and up the Ohio valley during the weekend. It also produced ice that snapped trees and power lines, leaving more than 230,000 homes without electricity.

In the UK, the weather is a continual topic of conversaton because it’s so variable. There’s a saying here, “if you don’t like the weather, hang on ten minutes!” It doesn’t stop us appreciating all aspects of how it affects us and others though. I recommend the CBS pictures! Click here first then click on the ‘Snow Daze Photo Essay’.


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