Google take over “Blogger”

Google, which runs the Web’s most popular search site, (I’ve proved this for myself in watching the Website stats for this site) has purchased Pyra Labs, the company that created “Blogger” which is the backbone of this and around a million other Websites. The buyout is a huge boost to an enormously diverse genre of online publishing that has begun to change the equations of news and information online. Weblogs, like this one, are frequently-updated personal Websites in which the topics range from technology to politics to just about anything you can name. Blogger was created by Pyra Labs and Evan Williams, the founder of Pyra said, “I couldn’t be more excited about this. He went on to add, “It gives Pyra the resources to build on the vision I’ve been working on for years.”

Just three and a half years old, Pyra’s Blogger software now has 1.1 million registered users – and I am one of them. The fact that the search box on this page is Google powered is a nice indication of how good a match I feel this could be!


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