A Sobering Image

So many websites are mourning the crew of seven astronauts of the space shuttle Columbia, I felt this might be a different kind of tribute.

This saddening series of radar images comes from the US National Weather Service ‘s Shreveport, Louisiana site.

The images show a bright, dense streak crossing the Texas-Louisiana border after the US Space Shuttle Columbia broke up in the skies over Texas on February 1, 2003.

Captured by a radar system more used to tracking storms and rainfall, the smoke plume and fine, airborne debris resulting from Columbia’s disintegration are clear for all to see.

I found a quote, so I can’t claim originality, but this echoes my thoughts nicely, “At a time when much of the world is gripped by the oppressive fear of war and terror, the crew of Columbia were devoting their considerable talents and courage to work that was creative, internationally cooperative and constructive.”


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