Stop Living the Lie

Click to find it on David Sneddon won the BBC’s Fame Academy – this is history. What isn’t, is that his single “Stop Living the Lie” is currently at the top of the UK singles charts, where it’s been for two weeks. Clever old BBC. Dean pointed out that had it been released Christmas week, it would never have reached the coveted number one position. In January however, No 1 is easier to achieve. Hopefully, it will give his new career a boost, but whatever his next release is, it’s got to be good. The public got to know “Stop Living the Lie” through the Fame Academy programmes. The next one will be new to them (us) and it’s on his next release and his first album that he’ll be judged and that will make or break his future career! Me? I go by what Claire and Tania say – they’re his real future audience and right now they think he’s “Fit”! David, good luck – don’t rush it and mess it up! (You can buy “Stop Living the Lie” from Click the pic above for the details.)


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