Film Ads by Phone (II)

I was listening to “Front Row” on BBC Radio 4 on the way home last night and there was an item on the very advertising campaign I was a “victim” of on Monday. (See “Film Ads by Phone” below).

Apparently, there has been a huge reaction to this, as it’s against all UK advertising guidelines and the video/DVD distributor is in a certain amount of trouble for doing it. However, it seems it was a deliberate choice of theirs to flout convention and “the rules” on the basis of “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”. Basically, they may get their wrists slapped by the authorities, but in the meantime they have garnered a lof of colum inches, radio and TV time for the campaign and of course, in the process, the release of the video and DVD of ‘Minority Report’!

I assumed this must have happened to other people before, but it seems I was one of the first to receive such an ad’, on the first day it was ever tried in the UK! (See ‘Film Ads by Phone’ below, for my thoughts on Monday evening.)


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