Film Ads by Phone

Regular readers will know I often talk about marketing – I suppose it’s inevitable given my job, but the subject and especially its new media directions interest me, if only as a sometimes amazed onlooker.

I received a phone call on my mobile about 6pm this evening. I answered it and was greeted with music followed by a dramatic clip from the soundtrack of “Minority Report”. I thought it was Colin or Martin at the TV studio mucking about, but about 20 seconds later, a voiceover announced, “Minority Report is out now on video and DVD.” {Hang-up} Well, that was a new one to me.

Doubtless other people have received these before and I’ve certainly received text messages, but this was the first audio ad’ I’ve received. I’m wondering now how or where ‘they’ got my number or if they’re just trying sequences of mobile numbers at random? Also had I not answered the phone, would the ad’ have been left as a message? That would annoy me, as it costs me money to pick up my mobile messages. Looking ahead, if you have one of the new breed of picture taking/receiving phones, how long will it be before you start receiving colour ads sent as pictures? Beyond that, with 3G phones on the way, video conferencing, making, sending, and receiving video clips will become common – I’m sure you’re following me!


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