Brilliant Technology

I promised a couple of days ago to look out the video reference for Dean Kamen’s IBOT wheelchair. I found it. Nine years ago, Kamen wanted to improve the life of a young man he happened to see struggling to get his wheelchair up a curb. “I just fixated on how unreasonable that condition really is,” he says. “And it just seemed to me that the fundamental issue was the world has not been architected for people that are sitting down at 39 inches.” Kamen thought about this old problem in a revolutionary new way. What if instead of getting a chair that could go upstairs, you could make a machine that could stand up and balance the way humans do?

If you love technology as I do, but like to see it used in ways that change people’s lives, you really should watch this video. Go to This Page and select the fastest speed your PC and connection will allow. If you don’t find this NBC report heart warming and inspirational I’ll be very surprised.


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