I Never Spotted This One!

Well, I thought I was clued up on Marketing, but I totally failed to spot this one. Remember that film that was being trailed on TV recently? Called “Lucky Star“, The “plot” in the TV and cinema trailer featured a young man, played by Benicio Del Toro who was “born lucky” due to the way the planets were perfectly aligned at the moment of his birth. Remember him driving a young lady through the city and as he pulls onto the main road, all the overhead traffic lights turn green – far into the distance? The line is, “Just lucky I guess!” The final shot is of all the planets moving into line. (NOW you remember!) There was TV, Cinema, Magazine, Newspaper, Poster and Web advertising but have you wondered why you’ve haven’t seen the movie review by Jonathan Ross, or met anyone who’s seen it yet?

Answer; the whole thing was a very effective (and very expensive) spoof – try going to luckyluckystar.com now, and see where you end up! Thinking back, it’s all so obvious now. Clever one guys!


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