Another One Bites The Dust

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Fame AcademyI know I shouldn’t like it really, because it’s voyeuristic, but isn’t there something fascinating about watching fairly ordinary people go through extraordinary times? As I mentioned below, June and I went to the Weekly Live Fame Academy show a week ago and saw Pippa get voted out – shame. Maybe it’s because we’ve now seen these people close up that it seems more real, but we’re wondering which of the three to the left, Malachi. Marli or Katie will leave. They will be “Singing For Survival” on tomorrow night’s live show and we get to help decide which student wins the public vote. Perhaps it has the same attraction as a ‘tear jerker’ film – it’s enjoyable in a funny sort of way because it’s sad – but whatever it is, once you get involved, it just gets to you! :-) Click the picture for all the details.


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