Fame Academy

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Fame AcademyWe could have done without the standing. :-)

Despite June having managed to upgrade us to VIP status for Friday Night’s live Fame Academy show (with wristbands to prove it), we still had to stand and wait for entrance to the studio for around an hour. We were finally let in at ten to eight for an 8:30pm live show. The Floor Manager briefed us on how to applaud, when to applaud, when to shout, what to shout and so on. Actually it was quite hard work, and unbelieveably hot, yet despite also watching one of our favourites, Pippa, being voted out, (on the left in the picture) we both enjoyed it.

Back to Front
Lionel RichieThe highlight was undoubtedly being just 30 feet from Lionel Richie as he sang “Easy”, live, with Lemar, one of the “students”. The studio was actually smaller than it looks on TV and we reckon the audience numbered no more than about 300 people, so it was probably as close as any member of the public gets to seeing this Oscar-winning, 70 million album selling, living legend sing live. Here’s a reminder of the song. Click the picture if you’d like to know more about the music. (Another one for Steve’s Shop without a doubt!).


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