Remember ‘Snake’?

I’ve just changed this week’s Fun Link in the right hand bar. Play Snake! I remember spending about four days writing a program from scratch in Tandy TRS-80 Level II Basic to do this during a holiday in the Isle of Wight about 20 years ago. (I was a very sad person even in those times!) It was amazing though what you can do with a monochrome graphics resolution of 128 x 72! Matthieu was there with a young friend and they both spent hours playing it! Somewhere, I have a photograph of them doing so, I’ll see if I can dig it out. Those were the days.

Many years later, I reprogrammed the same game again in Francois Lionet’s brilliant Amos Language on the Amiga 500 for Claire and Tania.

Now of course, you can find “Snake” on mobile phones, added almost as an afterthought. Anyhow, go on play a game – just for old times sake – it’s still addictive! Click the link and size the new window to suit your processor speed (smaller goes faster).


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