Meet Mike Daisey

Mike Daisey's
21 Dog Years
About a year ago, I came across Mike Daisey. If you’re a Nethead (as I occasionally admit to being) you’ll like like him! He worked at in the ‘fairly’ early days and managed to clock up a couple of years in Customer Services during the teething period before became the smoothly operating organisation it is now. When he left, he followed one of his original careers and turned to writing and presenting a one man show entitled “21 Dog Years at”. Not being resident in the USA, the chances of my seeing it were slim, so I was delighted when the book appeared: Twenty-one Dog Years: Doing Time at I’m reading it now and it’s extremely funny. If you’re into what makes a dotcom tick, or just want a fun read at the expense (occasionally) of Jeff Bezos, go and get yourself a copy. Make sure you buy it from (or of course! if you’re in the UK like me, just click the picture or here. Highly recommended.

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