Last Week’s Visitors

As regular readers will know, I get a weekly report of the activity on this site and am always amazed by the people that come here and the things they have been looking for. Usually I can work out how they reached me, but there is always a surprise or two. The report tells me the phrases that were typed into the search engines that led people to How on earth “can you tell me some amazing and funny facts about dolphins” led to this site I’m not quite sure!

However, last week there were 483 Unique Visitors, (gosh – highest number yet) of whom 393 Visited Once and 90 came twice or more. 38 landed directly on the Music page rather than the Home page and 24 people left this site via one of my links on the links page. Interesting stuff.

As I say, some of the search phrases used are always interesting. Out of the hundred or more reported this week, let me just mention, “circular transportation facilitation device”, “john smiths tv ad download”, “sony aibo lawyer” (strange combination of words) “jwp information services” and “lantec uk ltd” (now those I can place!) “saved by the bell” (interesting) and how about “andy pandy egg cup”! What?! :-)

Roll on next week’s report, always a source of amazement and amusement. If you’re reading this and you have no idea how or why you got here, well, welcome anyway, and I hope you find something of interest.


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