Get Your own Back on Spammers

Well sort of anyway. Viral Marketing is an established art and science these days. If you haven’t heard the term, the aim is to get people to tell each other about a product, company or service. In other words, spreading “the word” like a virus. One of the ways this is being done online, is through addictive little games. Quick to download, quick to play with a nice little payoff – and always with the opportunity to send for some information and “Tell a friend”. There’s nothing wrong with this at all. It’s a great idea, as long as your email address (or that of the friends you recommend) is not added to a spam list. To be fair, spammers don’t usually spend the time or money or go to these lengths to get an email address – or even a thousand; they want tens of millions!

So – I’m about to “sneeze” – yes – honestly – that’s what they call the act of passing on a viral marketing idea. To see how viral marketing is done well, click the link below. Notice how you’re offered something for free (something useful too) and how you’re invited to pass the game on. But, also notice how careful the company is to give you loads of reassurance that your email address is safe in their hands. Take my word for it – it is. This is a reputable organisation. What do they do? They send emails for a living, but NOT spam! So what’s the game you’ll be playing? It’s called SpammerTorture – get your own back on a series of animated Spammers! You can click here in safety, I promise you.


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