The Dog Watch

Seen My Dog?

I’m talking about the dog in the top left hand corner of the screen! In this context, the DOG referred to, is the ‘Digitally Originated Graphics’ – that annoying little superimposed symbol that reminds you “to which channel you are tuned to” (sic – Kenny Everett). Have you noticed how frequently it ends up across some important detail?

The BBC seems to have woken up to the fact that viewers would like its DOGs to bog off and has done something about it, at least in Wales. BBC Wales, keen to gauge viewer response, must have been a little shocked to find that viewers weren’t too impressed with the logo that had been slapped on their screens. But they were quick to do the decent thing – the DOG was gone after only a week. Now, if we can only get rid of all the rest of the so-called ‘ScreenJunk’! Would you believe it, there’s a whole Web Site devoted to Logo Free British TV. They say viewer power has already managed to get the DOGs dropped from Channel 4, BBC One, BBC Two and, in their latest victory, Channel 5.


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