Web Spiders and the Tag Board

Every week I generate a WebTrends report of the activity on this site and every week I have a quiet chuckle to myself at the names of some of the automated Web search engines’ “agents”, generally known by the term ‘Web Spiders’ (because they ‘crawl’ around the web, gleaning information and indexing everything they find). For example, there’s “Scooter” and GBlogs’ own “Feed Crawler”. There’s “Modspider” from Lycos and InfoSeek’s “Sidewinder”. Finally, there’s Inktomi’s Spider – “Slurpcat”! Who says computer techies have no sense of humour? I wonder what they’ll all do next week when they find their own names in this post? Maybe I’ll be blacklisted for trying to attract them!

I had a couple of emails from people who had tried to post replies on the Tag-Board and failed, basically the board turns white and nothing else happens. I myself have noticed the Tag-Board tends to be unavailable sometimes. The problem is, being inside the main table, by not loading, it holds up the rest of the site. It’s a great idea but for the moment I’ve reluctantly removed it. I’ll keep a close eye on it however and see if I can put it back later. I think perhaps it’s become a victim of its own success.


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