Is Your Name Steve Bell as Well?

The previous item (see “There Can’t be Two!” below) has given me a thought.

It’s one of those things everyone does – eventually! Sooner or later, you look for your own name on the Internet – just to see what’s out there. I know I did, amongst other things, I found the Stephen Bell School in the USA. How many John Smiths or Joe Greens or even Stephen Bells pass eachother by? Over the years, quite a few people have come to this site looking for a Stephen Bell that obviously wasn’t me.

So, the thought is this; as this site is now pretty well enmeshed in the search engines, maybe I should keep contact details of all the Steve Bells who pass by? (Only those that wish to, obviously.) I could create a page of them, so that people searching for a Steve Bell have at least a partial list to start from. I think I’ll do that, my name is ‘common’ enough to make it a useful addition to the site. So if your name is Steve – Steven – Stephen Bell and you’d like to be in the list, drop me a note from the feedback Page with your preferred email address. Tell me roughly where in the world you are, and add a few words by which others might recognise you uniquely. You could even send a picture if your like – now that would be interesting. Do we all look alike? :-) Watch this space.


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