Smarter ATMs

Have you noticed how some ATMs have started changing their graphics and user interfaces? Barclays improved recently with colour screens and nice pictures while you’re waiting for your cash. (Although you do have to shade the screen in sunlight.)

Here comes a Marketing Prediction. (I do this occasionally.) In a year or so, we’ll have full motion video while we’re waiting for the money – advertising of course. Some of it will be for the bank concerned, but put this togeher with the knowledge the bank has about your credit card spending habits, add a chunk of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and I bet we’ll be seeing video ads directed specifically at us. In other words, if you eat out a lot, you’ll see restaurant ads and so on. There might be a “touch the screen to print the details” feature as well. It’s what I’d be doing if I were marketing director of a bank. Personally, I don’t mind this too much, but the biggest downside I foresee is, if the ad runs for (say) 30 seconds, they’re not going to cut it off mid-stream just because the money’s counted! Result? I reckon you’ll have to wait until the ad is over before the ATM will dish out the cash. Time will tell.

Incidentally, if by any chance the banks have not thought of doing this yet, royalty cheques and consultancy fees are always welcome!


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