All About Archives And Amazing Artifacts

Whoopee. Got the Archives working in the new design at last. None of my historical (or should that be hysterical) drivel can now be escaped. Gosh, aren’t I made ridiculously happy by the simplest ‘geeky’ things? I’m a very sad person; it’s just that I’m supposed to know what I’m doing, so I suppose it’s got to work.

On another subject, I found another AMAZING GADGET (note caps) last week. You have to see it – or rather hear it – to believe it. It’s a smart, well designed little pocketable unit that: Plays MP3s (and a couple of other formats) records and plays back voice AND Makes Up Music! Yep – invents in ‘on the spot’ – in just about any style you like, using a bank of around 500 different digitised instruments. The sounds it makes are strange, but are still strangely listenable. Imagine infinite hours of music, just for you, that nobbody else may ever hear!

Want to hear it inventing music? Click HERE (1.8mb – it’s the company demo file). OK, so what is it? It’s called MadPlayer and you can read about it HERE. Unbelieveable. I want one. Now! :)


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