Video Blog?

I think I may have a bright idea that could catch on. How about a Video Blog? I discovered a new gadget. Click Here to have a look. For £79.95 you can buy a miniature digital video camera that takes three minutes of video and can upload to a PC, and thus the Web. How about a Video Web Log? I reckon I’d need about 100mb of web space to take enough clips to keep a month or so’s worth available. So… I bought the domain name ! (Someone already has – shame.)

Having got the basic name, I could create sub versions such as and (etc.). It might even become a commercial project. With that much disk space required however, it would need to be chargeable. Would you pay for such a thing> What if I arranged to have the camera and software supplied as part of the deal? Just a thought, but with Broadband becoming more widely available, maybe it’s an idea whose time has come. Email me here with your opinions – please! :)


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