Stuff that gets sad when stolen.

I occasionally read “Half Bakery“, a Web site forum for wacky ideas that others can comment on. Generally it’s all pretty daft stuff, but some are highly entertaining and humourous if nothing else. I thought I’d share this one with you. The author says, “Let’s say you have a Walkman or a bike or any other ‘thing-that-tends-to-get-stolen’. The longer you own the thing the more it gets to know you. It’s hard wired and can’t be changed. When stolen, the item starts talking “I miss Susan, she was such a good owner … where is she?” If it can move it keeps trying to get away and look for you. It would make thieves feel guilty – I should take this Walkman back to it’s mother… Imagine a whole pawnshop full of stolen items murmuring sadly amongst themselves!”


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